Our Approach: Promotions for Business Promotion

There are thousands of events and promotions companies but we pride ourselves on being a "promotions that promote your business" company.

What we try to do, is take over your existing promotions, or design new promotions for you, tailored to your business requirements and we do not consider them a success, unless they have improved your core business. (ex: If you are a ballpoint pen manufacturer your promotional efforts and spend should result in you selling more ballpoint pens)

We have begun a series of articles on this subject, which will be progressively rolled out on LinkedIn, based on examples from our company's work and my own career.

We call this approach of ours, "Promotions for Business Promotion" and by going through them, we hope you see the benefit in working with us.


1 The TNQ Distinguished Lectures in the Life Sciences
2 Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand: The recovery and rebuilding of his commercial brand
3 Citibank NA: Long term association with the Indian Olympic Association
4 The project that didn't happen (and should have): Louis Vuitton and the Rajasthan Royals